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Changes at Child Development Center
17 October 2006
By Lisa J. Azure, Teacher Education Program Director

Transition to New Supervision
      The Childhood Development Center (CDC) at United Tribes Technical College is undergoing a transition that brings new management and some exciting new changes to this division of the college.

      As of October 23, the college's Teacher Education Department began administering the center on the campus in Bismarck. Lisa Azure and Leah Hamann are the new CDC managers. It had previously been administered through Theodore Jamerson Elementary School.

      This planned change comes at a time of unprecedented college growth. Everyone is aware that UTTC enrollment has increased dramatically. Enrollment of youngsters in the CDC is directly affected by this.

Priority on Service
      With the change, the top management priorities are to maintain compliance with childcare licensing requirements, to enhance the college's services to the children of college students, and to support the families in our campus learning environment. In addition, the curriculum will be revised to reflect best practices in Early Childhood Education, providing a practicum and field learning environment for college students in the Teacher Education programs.

Greater Capacity
      CDC users can expect to see some welcome and important changes. The center's two divisions will soon become three, and more space will be available to serve greater numbers of children.

      Site visits have been completed from two local authorities: the Child Care Licensing Division of Burleigh County Social Services and the Bismarck Fire Department Inspections Division. Collectively the three centers are now licensed to serve 166 youngsters, an increase of 26 over the previous capacity.

      That increase is due to the addition of new space in the UTTC Education Building. Offices that were formerly used by the Student Health Center are now designated as the "Children's Dwelling" for youngsters who are age two. This center is scheduled to be ready for children on Wednesday, November 1st. Parents of children who will be moving to this center will be notified in advance.

      The Infant Toddler Center, serving youngsters from birth to age two, will remain in its present location in Building 71 under the direction of Lori Schmidt.

      The Pre-School Center, for youngsters age three to five, will also remain in its present location in Building 100 and is directed by Bernadette Dauenhauer.

      Taken together, the three centers comprise the United Tribes Childhood Development Center. A parent advisory board will be organized to provide user representation in decision-making.

      Parents should note that billing technician Tammy Klein is now located in Room 121 of the Education Building. An office schedule will be posted on her door, or she may be contacted at extension 1290 for appointments.

Priority on Children of Students
      An unfortunate result of the change is that the CDC will no longer be able to accommodate children of UTTC staff or serve students from TJES after school. The priority for admission is clearly with the growing numbers of children of students. In the future, if facilities become available, the subject can be re-visited, however, it's unlikely that space will accommodate these former services, given the college growth plan.

Suggest a Name
      One of the many steps in the transition process is to select names for the three centers. One suggestion is TAKOJA, which is Lakota for "Grandchildren." Another suggestion (that is being used) is "Children's Dwelling", or "pirahts agau" (Arikara). Ideas from any regional tribal language are welcome.

For More Information
      Please know that we are sincere in making this a smooth transition. For more information please contact us anytime: Lisa J. Azure x 1407, lazure@uttc.edu, Leah Hamann x 1380, lhamann@uttc.edu.


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