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Wal-Mart donates educational supplies
20 October 2009

WIN WIN: All it took was a phone call to United Tribes Technical College for Wal-Mart to create one of those positive outcome situations. The college accepted a pallet full of educational supplies October 6 from the company’s north Bismarck store. The gift included approximately 2,500 notebooks, 1,000 packages of filler paper and file folders. Wal-Mart said the items were overstocked and would have ended up in the landfill. On the forklift is Wal-Mart Assistant Manager Troy Zacharias, assisted by Wal-Mart Merchandising Supervisor Bridget Boger. Directing the loading and providing transportation were United Tribes employees Bernard Strikes Enemy and Royce Fiddler. Wal-Mart estimated the retail value at $4,500.