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The answer is, 'Whatever it takes!'
24 October 2005

Tex G. Hall

THE QUESTION WAS: What do we do to improve the way education systems serve American Indians? The answer came from Tex G. Hall, MHA tribal chairman, during a panel discussion about State/Tribal relations. Native people have had a "tough relationship" with education, said Hall, a former school superintendent. "It wasn't that long ago when our fathers and mothers were punished in school for speaking Indian. Today, tribal colleges are the shining success story." The discussion took place October 7 during North Dakota First Nations Day. Students from United Tribes Technical College and University of Mary posed questions to members of the North Dakota Tribal and State Relations Committee. The event, "Bridging Cultures and Building Relationships," was sponsored by the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission and moderated by Kurt Luger of the North Dakota Indian Gaming Association. UTN photo Dennis J. Neumann


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