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UTTC President comments on UND/NCAA lawsuit settlement
26 October 2007

Statement of David M. Gipp, President, United Tribes Technical College regarding the apparent settlement of a lawsuit filed by the University of North Dakota against the National Collegiate Athletic Association:

      "Language in the UND-NCAA lawsuit settlement indicates that the North Dakota Attorney General has not paid proper attention and due respect to the resolutions already passed by the tribes.

      This problem predates the UND-NCAA lawsuit. The University of North Dakota and the State Board of Higher Education have long ignored official actions and requests made by tribal governments.

      Both Standing Rock and Spirit Lake, as well as other tribes and tribal organizations, are on record with their wishes about the "Fighting Sioux" nickname.

      It is my view that these decisions cannot be swept aside, as they are in the apparent settlement, without signaling contempt for the people and institutions that govern these sovereign nations. Tribal people are all too familiar with how it works in America when representatives of the government and powerful financial interests don’t like the answer provided by Indians.

      Allowing a three year period to influence the tribes leaves open the door for UND and its agents to continue their meddling in the social and political affairs of tribal nations, causing untold damage in the lives of good people and families who only wish to have their ways and heritage respected."


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