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Medical Transcription Program receives ‘seal of approval’
26 October 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - The United Tribes Medical Transcription program, Exact-Med, has been approved by a peer group of the medical transcription training industry. The endorsement came in September from the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP), a committee of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

      “This is our seal-of-approval to healthcare providers,” said Renee Becker, Exact-Med director and founder. “It says that graduates of our program possess the necessary job skills to be successful in entry-level medical transcription positions.”

      Approval through the AHDI identifies the training as a quality medical transcription education program that meets industry standards has been evaluated by a peer review process, said Becker.

      This is the second, three-year renewal of the endorsement for Exact-Med, said Becker. It came about as a result of a self-study examination.

      Exact-Med students earn a certificate of completion at United Tribes. They are guided through a comprehensive curriculum, providing more than 1,330 clock hours of instruction. The training includes requisite anatomy, medical terminology, English grammar skills, and a medical transcription knowledge base that ensures integrity and quality in the documentation of patients’ healthcare records.

      AHDI is the foremost professional organization for healthcare documentation experts, including medical transcriptionists and others dedicated to the integrity, privacy and quality of the healthcare record.

      More information about Exact-Med visit www.exactmed.com/.

      More information about the association is available at: www.ahdionline.org