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Record Number of Surveys Completed
By Dr. Cheryl Long Feather, United Tribes Research Director

26 October 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - For the past three years, students at United Tribes Technical College have participated in a unique, campus-wide survey designed to gather information about college students’ experiences and preferences. The information is used to provide institutional data for developing or improving programs, seeking institutional financial support, and providing information for institutional learning.

      The survey was developed in 2006 by combining several smaller surveys and gathering additional information from staff. The result is more comprehensive data about UTTC students that is collected in a coordinated manner.

Student taking the quiz.

      The 81 question survey touches on topics ranging from educational experience to technology use to wellness and mental health. It is scanned each year by a company specializing in the process; the raw data is returned to UTTC. The compiled data is housed in the UTTC Office of Research and is currently being uploaded onto a UTTC cyber data repository for easier access.

      The vision for this project is for students and faculty to use the data in their classrooms. It will help make education more relevant and strengthen research skills. To have students working with information about themselves and their peers will make their experience at United Tribes more meaningful and valuable.

      This year, the survey was conducted during the two-week period between September 28 and October 9. Approximately 60 percent of the student body completed the survey, a record number of completions in the history of the survey.

      The project is even more valuable by the fact that we now have three consecutive years worth of data. The potential exists to ask and answer a million different questions about our students’ experiences.

      Students who took the survey received a ticket for a drawing for various door prizes but also entered them into a grand prize drawing for an Acer Aspire mini-laptop computer. The winner of the laptop was Rainbow Good Bear, a student in the Criminal Justice program. Good Bear’s response to winning: “Sweeeet!”

      The Office of Research would like to thank student research assistants Leah Gault, Rolynn Clown, Cody Conica and Fabian Betone for their assistance administering the survey. Thanks also to the many faculty who opened their classroom doors for this important endeavor.