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Congratulations to Kathy Aller
27 October 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) - Long-time UTTC employee, Kathy Aller, is the 2008 recipient of the American Indian College Fund Faculty Member of the Year Award.

      Aller has been a valuable and dedicated member of the UTTC community for the past 35 years.

Instructor Kathy Aller came to United Tribes in 1973 as a pre-school teacher.

      Kathy is a graduate of North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, with a degree in Child Development and Family Relations.

      In 1973, her first position at United Tribes was preschool teacher. Some who were children then have returned to UTTC as adult students. Three generations of grandparents, parents, and their children have attended her classes.

      In 1978, she joined the college faculty as developer and instructor for Personal Development, a supplemental program that emphasized consumer education, daily living skills, workplace readiness, and eventually, introduction to computer skills. PD was ahead of its time and the flagship for courses such as College and Career Success, Chemical Awareness, and Wellness.

      In 1995, she took on a new challenge as an instructor in the Business and Office Technology Department, which she now chairs. Although she is self-taught in the area of technology, by investing time and hard work, she has acquired expertise in those courses and others within the curriculum.

      Kathy has high standards and an excellent work ethic; she encourages and expects those practices from her students. She is an exemplary role model, loyal, and dedicated, with a strong belief in the power of education in general and Indian Education specifically.

      For all her work “behind the scenes” for her community and for UTTC, she personifies the virtues of humility, fortitude, generosity, and wisdom.

      Kathy and her husband, Bob, have one son, Jeffrey, a recent graduate of NDSU.

      Congratulations, Kathy, and thanks for your excellent work!


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