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United Tribes joins ‘climate neutral’ campus campaign
29 October 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College has joined with other institutions of higher education in the fight against global climate change.

      The college has signed-on to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). United Tribes President David M. Gipp signed a climate commitment pledge earlier this year.

      It means United Tribes will create an institutional action plan to move towards climate neutrality. The plan would to help reduce and eventually eliminate all net global warming emissions, and accelerate research and education to equip society to re-stabilize the earth’s climate.

      According to the ACUPCC, their effort is the first by any major sector of society to set climate neutrality – not just a reduction – as its target. The undertaking is inspired by efforts like the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership and other collective efforts by states and businesses.

      With inertia at the federal and international levels, the ACUPCC network sees itself as an important vehicle for bringing leadership to the issue and serving as a role model for regional, national, and international initiatives.

      Each institution that joins the challenge retains the autonomy to chart its own course and set its own pace. More than 200 institution-specific climate action plans have been submitted to date and are available for public viewing at www.acupcc.org/reportingsystem. They provide exciting, diverse examples of how it is possible to fulfill this commitment in a variety of ways, said the group.

      "Colleges and universities must lead the effort to reverse global warming for the health and well-being of current and future generations," said Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University and Co-Chair of the ACUPCC Steering Committee.

      The ACUPCC Steering Committee is comprised of more than 20 university and college presidents and is staffed and supported by Second Nature, a Boston-based national nonprofit organization, with additional support provided by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

      Learn more at: www.presidentsclimatecommitment.org.



  • Adopt green standards for buildings
  • Require ENERGY STAR certification for products purchased by the college
  • Offset emissions due to air travel
  • Encourage public transportation
  • Purchase energy from renewable sources
  • Support climate and sustainability shareholder proposals through the college endowment
  • Participate in the Waste Minimization component of the national RecycleMania competition