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Search for soldiers
4 November 2005
by Marge Palaniuk

      Anyone of the staff who has relatives who are serving in the military Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan or wherever- please send me the address of your friend or love one! Here's why!

      My daughter Wendy Fuentes, a nurse, is in the military and has served in Germany, has a husband in Iraq and friends and relatives who are serving. Wendy lives in Lancaster, CA where she works in a hospital there. When she came back from serving in Germany her co-workers at the hospital asked how they could help.

      They and people in her town of Lancaster have given donations of money, boxes and "stuff" to be sent to anyone that she has an address for, who is serving. She has received an abundance of all. She told me to send her some addresses of folks in the military.

      So if you want your friend or loved one to receive a care package, send me a name and address and I will send them on to Wendy. I am Marge Palaniuk, Skills Center, (701) 255-3285 Extension 1292.


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