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Nutrition and Foodservice student completes practicum
By Wanda Agnew, PhD, RD-LRD, UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Instructor
5 November 2012

Rosebud Lee (Cheyenne River) successfully completed 150 hours of on-site work over the summer at the Baptist Nursing Home, Bismarck. The experience fulfilled objectives allowing her to write a national certified dietary manager exam through the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals.

Second year students in the Nutrition and Wellness track of the UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice vocation may choose one of two practicums. Rosebud selected the one that focuses on clinical assessment and care for elderly and younger people who require heavy assistance with physical and/or mental activities of daily living. This is the kind of assistance offered in long-term care settings and often paid through Medicare.

The Medicare assessment process is called Minimum Data Set (MDS), which ends with an individualized care plan based on input from the individual, their family, and the staff who provide the care. The standardized MDS process supports quality of life for all people throughout the life span.

Rosebud reported that she enjoyed the experience. She said her UTTC classroom courses helped her feel comfortable in the kitchen/dining room foodservice setting, as well as the areas that connected her with individual residents and health care data gathering and documentation. Her evaluation indicated she would enjoy this type of environment as an employment site.

Rosebud’s immediate dream is to advance her UTTC degree and enroll in a four-year dietetic program so she can practice as a dietitian. UTTC has articulation agreements with two dietitian training sites in North Dakota. Rosebud intends to graduate in May 2013. She lives on the UTTC campus with her two sons, Rome and Mason.

Rosebud’s preceptor, Katie Schlichenmayer, RD-LRD said, “Rosebud had excellent background knowledge in both clinical and foodservice areas. She was able to start applying what she has been learning in the classroom and gained valuable hands on experience in the long term care setting.”

UTTC Advisors, Annette Broyles and Wanda Agnew are proud of Rosebud and the degree plan that is offered to students interested in connecting Mother Earth to health through the kitchen table.


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