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Nutrition and Foodservice Instructors, Students Visit UND and NDSU
By Annette Broyles, Nutrition and Food Service Instructor
7 November 2007

      UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Instructors, Annette Broyles and Jill Keith, along with freshman Nutrition and Foodservice students, Whitney Hosie and Sarabeth Eagle, traveled to UND and NDSU on October 11 and 12. The trip was planned in order to tour the campus and visit the dietetic departments.

Whitney Hosie and Sarabeth Eagle
Nutrition and Foodservice students Whitney Hosie (left) and Sarabeth Eagle on their visit to the NDSU campus in Fargo, ND. UTN photo Jill Keith.

      At UND the instructors updated the articulation agreement between UND and UTTC for the dietetics and community nutrition programs. Students toured the campus and then met with a former UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice on-line student, Kim Roades, who is currently enrolled in UND's dietetics program. Students and instructors also toured UND's American Indian Student Services facility.

      At NDSU while the students received a campus tour, instructors visited with the dean, department chair and faculty from the College of Human Development and Education to develop an articulation agreement for the dietetics program. There had not been a formal agreement between NDSU and UTTC prior to this meeting for transfer of Nutrition and Foodservice credits. A proposal for an articulation agreement with NDSU is currently in the process of being approved by both colleges.


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