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UTTC approved for addiction training
By Julie M. Cain, UTTC CHC Director
7 November 2011

BISMARCK (UTN) - I have some good news to share about a change in a training program that opens the door for United Tribes to help more Natives become certified addiction counselors and help in the battle against drugs and alcohol.

      I presented a proposal October 4 at the quarterly meeting of the Aberdeen Area Addiction Program Directors Association. It called for United Tribes Technical College to become the organization that delivers training for Aberdeen Area Addiction Programs. This would include all Indian addiction programs in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa. The proposal was voted on and approved by the voting members of the association.

      What this means is that United Tribes will begin offering the six core classes for Addiction Counselor Certification. The classes are required by the Aberdeen Area IHS to take the testing for levels one, two and three.

      At present, five UTTC core classes have been approved by the United Tribes Curriculum Committee, the South Dakota State Addiction Certification Board, and the Aberdeen Area Certification Board. These classes are currently taught by Harriet Schneider, CHC counselor. I hope to join her in the classroom soon with my new credentials as a Native American Addiction Counselor III, and with approval of HR to start teaching the classes.

      The five core classes are Introduction to Alcohol, Introduction to Drugs, Ethical Issues and Client Rights, Foundations of Individual Counseling, and Foundations of Group Counseling. The course we will add is Native American Alcoholism.

      We need more people in the addiction counseling field throughout Indian Country. If we can help each other, that’s what counts most.


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