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United Tribes to pursue 'All Nations' memorial
8 November 2007

BISMARCK (UTN) United Tribes Technical College will be the site of a memorial paying tribute to tribal people. The college's board of directors has voted unanimously to support an effort to plan and develop a memorial at a permanent location on the college campus in Bismarck.

      "The United Tribes 'All Nations Memorial' will honor youth, elders, tribal leaders, and veterans of the Armed Forces," said David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College president.

      Gipp presented the idea at a November 3 meeting of the United Tribes Board of Directors in Bismarck.

      The four groups would be represented with interpretive installations in the quadrants of a 100 foot diameter medicine wheel, presently located near the college's administration building, or elsewhere on the campus.

      Gipp said the veterans' portion of the memorial could contain a name listing of all American Indian veterans from the tribes in North Dakota.

      Jesse Taken Alive, a board member from Standing Rock, said the memorial would be a good way to clarify why so many American Indian's serve in the military.

      "Tribal people don't approach military service from the point of view of aggression or to seek domination over others," said Taken Alive. "Ours has always been a calling to defend the homeland and protect ourselves and our families. Serving in the military is a way to fulfill a life's dream. And that is to make a commitment to lay down their life if necessary for others."

      On visits to the campus he often sees students and staff in prayer or meditation at the current Medicine Wheel, said Taken Alive. As a place for the tribes, the college would be good location for sharing different perspectives.

      The college's governing board is made up of leaders from each of the five tribes: Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate, Spirit Lake Tribe, Standing Rock Tribe, Three Affiliated Tribes, and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa.

      The UTTC board's action authorized the college to move forward on planning and to seek funding for the memorial.


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