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Excellent Inspection in September
14 November 2013

      The UTTC Housing Dept. would like to recognize tenants that received excellent inspections. We are so proud that 29 units received an "Excellent Rating" in September:

Lisa DeLeon - Photo by DJ Two Bears

      Eleanor Horn Beck, Dori Miller, Jaylene Pretends Eagle, Stella Wilson, Codi Traversie, Bonita Claymore, Kimberly Blevins, Alvena Oldman, Samantha White Bull, Jenna Decoteau, Stella Brown, Tammy LaFountain, Danaya & Daniel Szklarski, Antinia Eagle Shield, Ashley Walking Elk, Chanel Davis, Natasha Edwards, Tracy Veit, Anthony Potter, Jessie Running Eagle, Jada Charging, Patrice Eagle Tail, Kaylee Nadeau, Lisa DeLeon, Wendy Butcher, Coral He Crow, Darci Laurenz, Janell & Pete Gopher, and Hannah White Elk.

      Good job to all and thank you!

Tenant Introduction

      From a random drawing of tenants with excellent inspections, we chose Lisa DeLeon to introduce. She is from the Pine Ridge in South Dakota. She says most of the influence in her life came from her mother, Roberta Jumping Eagle. Lisa has five children three boys and two girls and two grandchildren. She is set to graduate in December with an Associate Degree. She plans to continue studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Lisa enjoys being involved in campus life here at UTTC. She also volunteered to be on the TJES school board. We're proud to introduce Lisa Deleon!

- Michelle Thomas, UTTC Housing






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