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Vine Deloria Jr., scholar/author/activist, passes away
18 November 2005
by David M. Gipp, UTTC President

      It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Vine Deloria, Jr.

      He died November 13 of complications from surgery at a Denver area hospital.

Vine Deloria Jr.
Vine Deloria Jr. Photo courtesy of NCAI

      Born in Martin, South Dakota, he became one of the country's most influential religious thinkers.

      Vine was a powerful writer; he was a legal and historical researcher, philosopher, educator and theologian. As one of the early leaders of the National Congress of American Indians he demonstrated his dedication to the well being of Indian Country and an indigenous world view.

      He was a longtime University of Colorado professor and award winning scholar known for his many books and scholarly articles challenging the accepted order of dominant society thinking.

      His writings were studied by students and scholars around the world; they inspired countless American Indian activists and patriots, whose work over two generations has followed his path.

      As a long time friend and fellow tribal citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, I will miss him and I know that a great many others will too.

      Vine's legacy and intellectual contributions, however, remain with us and live on as guideposts for educating the generations to come.

      We send our prayers to Wakan Tanka for his safe journey. "Pilama yelo!"

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