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20 November 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Theodore Jamerson Elementary School

KIDS ON CAMPUS: Big smiles and waves from all the students of Theodore Jamerson Elementary School typify the community atmosphere of United Tribes Technical College. Why kids on a college campus? They’re the youngsters of the college students, benefiting from growing-up in the same learning environment as their parents. Named for Theodore Jamerson, one of the college founders, TJES celebrated 40 years on the campus in 2013.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

Celebrating 40 Years

By Sam Azure, UTTC Vice President and TJES Principal

      Theodore Jamerson Elementary School was started in 1973 as a way to meet the educational needs of everyone in the Native families that came to United Tribes. It was named for Theodore “Tiny Bud” Jamerson from Standing Rock. In the 1960s, he was instrumental in bringing the tribes of North Dakota together and acquiring the former Fort Lincoln as a training facility for tribal people.

Theodore Jamerson

      In the beginning, TJES served 45 students in grades 1-6. Four teachers were on staff along with a secretary and principal. They worked from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with no breaks. Student hours were 8-4. And the student attendance rate was 98 percent!

      Early on the grades were grouped together: 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and 5th and 6th. The classrooms were self-contained; teachers did everything for themselves without the benefit of support staff in music, library and physical education.

      Due to the open entry and exit system of the training offered to adults, TJ students were often mobile, entering for a time and leaving with their parents.

      Along the way 7th and 8th grades were added and then Kindergarten. From one building at the start, a small modular was added for Title 1, and eventually other modulars and classrooms to accommodate the growing need.

B&W image of early TJES

      TJES has gone from that early student population of 45 to a high of 210 in 2009. Currently we have 149. Our staff now numbers 38 teachers and support-personnel. Among them is Glenna Mueller, one of the four teachers who began working at the school in 1973. She is well respected by students, parents and staff. In addition to teaching, Glenna serves as the school historian, maintaining the stories of students, parents and staff that have made TJES the successful school it has become.

      TJES has provided a good foundation and exceptional educational opportunities for primary students to become successful learners. It has set many on the path to become productive citizens. Past TJ students have completed college at UTTC and elsewhere. A few have even returned to teach at TJ.

      Forty years ago, the founding tribal leaders had the vision to make an excellent decision to establish an elementary school in which parents guide the policy making on the board of directors and serve as the role models for their children. Congratulations to all who’ve contributed to the success of this school. You helped make this 40th birthday possible and a joy to celebrate.

Science Fair

      The TJES science Fair is scheduled for December 4 in the multipurpose room. The science projects judged best will go to the state science fair in Bismarck on January 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students in grade five and higher who win first place at state will go to the nationals in Albuquerque, NM. TJES will fly you there. You will stay in a hotel and participate at the National Native American Science Fair. If you win at nationals you may win a cash prize. Wow!
– Tristan, Grade 5

School Board Members Elected

Please welcome these new members of the TJES School Board:
Mechelle Iron Cloud, UTTC staff
Lisa DeLeon, UTTC student

Holiday Break

      TJES Christmas break begins December 19. School resumes January 2, 2014.

Who is Chance Rush?

By Breanna and Julie

Chance Rush

      Chance Rush spoke to TJES students on October 25. He lives in Oklahoma now but grew up at New Town, ND. He is married and has kids, one a newborn. The 12 year old is a cheerleader. The others are ages 6, 11, 13, 14 and 19. He used to work at the Nike Company.

      Mr. Rush always is himself. He is funny and jokes around. In the 7th grade he had to take three tests to see if he could read and they discovered he couldn’t. Later He taught himself to read and be polite. He is alcohol and drug free.

      He is also competitive. He is a runner. He influences people. He cares a lot about the environment. He goes to big events.

      Between 2002 and 2009 he was a comedian. His last show was in Las Vegas. He just turned 39 years old. He puts on clothes that fit. He loves his family and friends and watches over his family.

Honor Roll

1st Quarter 2013-14 HONOR ROLL

  • Grade 4: Ezra Brown, Wiconi DeCory, Matthew Jackson, Ceanna Janis, Paige Plenty Chief
  • Grade 5: Tehya Little Owl, Julie Middletent, Kari Waanatan, Breanna Ramsey, Evelyn Big Eagle, Tristan Wilson
  • Grade 6: Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Nevaeh Quarry, Aliyah Hopkins, Lorne Knows His Gun, Megan Bercier
  • Grade 7: Dominick Hinshaw, Trevin Yazzie
  • Grade 8: Taylor Johnson, Ampo Thin Elk

1st Quarter 2013-14 Perfect Attendance

  • Grade 1: Heather Pretends Eagle-Red Owl, Adin Siegfried, Brady Ventura Ortley
  • Grade 2: Samuel Ellis, Vincent Kills Plenty III, Phillip Laducer, Morgan Yankton
  • Grade 3: Robert Stretches
  • Grade 4: Jeriah Clairmont, Paige Kills Plenty, Sophia Maxon
  • Grade 5: Evelyn Big Eagle, Shon Laducer, Avery Lawrence, Sean Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura Ortley, Tristan Wilson
  • Grade 6: Lorne Knows His Gun, Kimberly Nickaboine
  • Grade 7: Tyler Bear Eagle
  • Grade 8: Alexander Nickaboine-LaFontaine
  • Kindergarten: Darius Hawk, Jazmy Ventura-Ortley, Anaye Laducer, Kiara Wilson
– Glenna Mueller, Reading/Math Center

Students having fun!

Child Find Carnival

      TJES had the 10th annual Child Find Carnival Sept. 10 in the big gym. There were games and a bouncy house. You could win candy, face painting, etc. All grades K-8 came. Kids had lots of fun and took pictures. After the child find was over, they took everything down and went home and enjoyed their day.

– Breana Ramsey, Grade 5



Cup Stacking

      Students K-8 had a cup stacking competition, coordinated by Mrs. Smith. We had two winners (2 boys and 2 girls). The ribbons were blue and red. We did 4-3-2-1 cup stacking and 8-4 cup stacking.

– Breana Ramsey, Grade 5

Halloween Powwow

By Breana and Julie, Grade 5

Two scary-looking people at Halloween Powwow

      The UTTC Halloween Powwow was October 29 from 6-9:30. K-8 students wore their Halloween costumes because it was for fun. There was powwow music and dancing and beverages. People were laughing and having lots of fun with their friends and family.

      Some people wore frightening costumes with face paint. Scary ornaments were hanging from above. Inside you saw red smoke from the underground. You could see shadows in the night of evil!

Cross Country

The TJES Cross Country team, front row from left: Boyd White Twin, Paige Kills Plenty, Evelyn Big Eagle, Monica Gambler; middle row Tristan Wilson, Kylion White Twin, Tristan White Twin, Samuel Little Owl, Amanda Iron Cloud, Wiconi DeCory; back row Quincy Brown-Dogskin, CJ Brown Dogskin. Not pictured: Elias Feather Earring, Danielle Morrison, Nevaeh Quarry, Ygnacio Quarry.

By Tristan, Evelyn and Monica, Grade 5

      The TJES Cross Country team had four meets in Bismarck sponsored by Bismarck Parks and Recreation and one at Standing Rock. Our coach was Mrs. Smith. We had 4th and 5th grade run one-half mile and 6th graders ran one mile. There wee twice as many runners as last year. We ran Sleepy Hollow, Tom O’ Leary, Sertoma and Cottonwood, and at Fort Yates. We ran in our categories and got ribbons. At Standing Rock we got medals.


Hoops Competition

      TJES also held a Elks Hoop Shoot Competition on November 2. This was a national free throw shooting competition for boys and girls ages 8-13. The winners will compete against other Bismarck students in the local competition at Wachter Middle School on December 7.

2013 TJES Free-Throw Champions:
8-9 year old girls: Carliyah Thompson
8-9 year old boys: Adam Eagleshield
10-11 year old girls: Kari Waanatan
10-11 year old boys: Natus Callousleg
12-13 year old girls: Nevaeh Quarry
12-13 year old boys: Michael Teeman

– Twila Smith


BOYS – Grades 4 - 6

   31 Selfridge @ TJES, 5 pm
   5 TJES @ Little Eagle, SD, 5 pm
   12 Cannonball @ TJES, 4:30 pm
   14 TJES @ Selfridge, 4:30 pm
   15 Little Eagle @ TJES, 5 pm
   16 TJES @ Solen Tournament, time TBA
   19 TJES @ Cannonball, 4:30 pm
   21 Standing Rock @ TJES, 5 pm
   7 TJES @ Standing Rock Shootout, Fort Yates
   12 TJES @ Standing Rock, Fort Yates, 5 pm

GIRLS – Grades 7 & 8

   4 TJES @ McLaughlin, SD, 5 pm
   5 TJES @ Little Eagle, SD, 6 pm
   15 Little Eagle @ TJES, 6 pm
   2 TJES @ Standing Rock, Fort Yates, 5:30 pm
   7 TJES @ Standing Rock Shootout, Fort Yates

Home Games in Bold
- Coach James Bagwell 701-255-3285 x 1492, 313-977-0627, jbagwell@uttc.edu

Disguise the Turkey

      The "Disguise the Turkey" contest concluded November 27 at TJES. Winners were 6th grader Aliyah Hopkins, seen in the photo above left with her parents, and 5th grader Sean Lawrence, seen with his mother in the photo above right.

      Winners received a basketful of groceries donated by TJES staff and a gift certificate for a turkey donated by the TJEA organization. All participants were awarded a bag full of school supplies. Thank you to all who donated and participated in the contest.

- Brenda Jechort, TJES Reading Coach


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