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Documentation is key to Self-Study
Departments Urged to Update Hard Copy and Electronic Files
22 November 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - The United Tribes Self Study Resource Committee has been busy working on updating the hard-copy “Evidence Binders” located in the Russell Hawkins Conference Center and the electronic file “Evidence Folders” located on the internal shared campus server, Olympus S.

      We would like to thank the departments and committees that have taken the time to update their current information by filing or posting such things as strategic plans, mission statements, budgets and minutes from meetings or advisory board meetings.

      We encourage all departments and committees to do this, to gather and keep their information current and make it easily accessible for the NCA accreditation team visit in April, 2011. These documents provide evidence that UTTC is fulfilling its mission to provide excellent education to our students.

      UTTC will continue to use this dual documentation approach in hard copy and electronic formats for the current accreditation cycle. The college will move to mostly electronic formats for collection of evidence in the future.

      The committee appreciates the support of all departments and individuals. If anyone needs information about the need for this or the process of placing materials in their binders or shared folders, please contact Dorvin Froseth x 1382.

– Self Study Resource Committee: Dorvin Froseth, Charlene Weis, Lynelle Lawler, Monte Schaff, Ryan Hertel, Ann Kraft, Brian Palecek, Rebekah Olson, Sheri Baker


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