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Campus tours part of UTTC history
23 November 2009

ALMOST PRESIDENTIAL: Campus tours have been numerous and popular at United Tribes since the start of training classes over 40 years ago. Many visitors during the early years were captivated by the novelty of a school that was operated by and for American Indians. The emergence of tribal colleges brought those who hoped to see for themselves and replicate the experience elsewhere. Among the public officials, celebrities and other notables who came calling was President Richard Nixon’s daughter. A September 21, 1972 visit by Julie Nixon-Eisenhower coincided with the President’s re-election campaign and included this stop in the center’s Business Clerical classroom. There, with media and Secret Service agents in tow, she met instructor Jeanine Steckler and students, and took an interest in the IBM Executive typewriter. According to a staff member who was there, she remarked “that the White House has one, but [she] had not seen how it operated before.” She also visited the daycare and classes in ceramics and personal development, and received gifts from the center’s director and board members. United Tribes campus tours are still conducted today and you don’t have to be a dignitary to take one.

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