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Students succeeding through work and achievement
Jeri Severson, College Work Programs Coordinator

23 November 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - There are currently 151 students employed in the College Work Programs, a record number of students! Thirty students are to be the first recipients under the new Federal Direct Student Loan program just initiated this fall at UTTC.

      Below are the recipients of the American Indian College Fund Scholarships at United Tribes.

      Congratulations to all who are building their success through work and achievement!

Wanbli Afraid of Hawk
Michael Alex
Chad Austin
Lori Bearcub
Roanthea Begay
Christopher Blackwell
Tracey Brewer
Anthony Brown
Kevin Brown
Coleen Cain
Marlarae Cook
Bobby Crow Feather
Lakota Daw
Shannon Dionne
Jaycen Dolphus
Danielle Dragswolf
Free Dubois
Memoree Dupris-Skinner
Melissa Dwarf
Flora Eagle Chasing
Jeshua Estes
David Fool Bear
Christy Garreau
Leah Gault
Billi Gravseth
Carl Gray
Lora Greybear
Marti Harrison

Raven His Chase
Gerimiah Holy Bull
Alyssa Howling Wolf
Freddie Keplin
Clinton Killscrow
Zacharia LaFrombois
Marvin LaPlante
Charliandra Largo
Jamie Lawrence
Amy Lee
Sophia Little
Renata Little Shield
Amber Long Chase
Tyson Maxon
Jeremy McLeod
Delray Medicine Horse
Katie Meyers
Raymond Moniz
Kami Montclair
Nicole Montclair
Jessica Moore
Linzi Morin
Bernice Morning Gun
Carolyn Morrison
David Mountain
Danny Myers
David One Horn
Richard O’rourke

Stuart Perkins
Renae Pheasant
Ty Pourier
Emanuel Red Bear
Allison Renville-Bemis
Marcus Rough
Donna Ruiz
Dominick Runs After
Andrew Russell
Elizabeth Sam
D’Aun Skinner
Jenna Skunk Cap
Deanna Small
Mikell Starr
Samantha Summers
Caroline Taken Alive
April Three Fingers
Tolani Tsosie
Sierra Two Bulls
Sarah Valandra
Ashley Walking elk
Ann Waln
Jamie White Mountain
Casey World Turner
Louise Yazzie
Claudette Yellow