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Black Hills Learning Center - Student in the Spotlight
25 November 2013

      Jo Lynn Little Wounded from the Cheyenne River Tribe is among the first students to attend the Black Hills Learning Center (BHLC) during fall semester 2013.

      She attended United Tribes Technical College some years ago and was excited to hear the college was reaching out to students in South Dakota. She had always wanted to go back to finish her degree. So, she was happy the BHLC opened in Rapid City and would give her that chance. She became one of the first people to take advantage of the opportunity.

Jo Lynn Little Wound

      Jo Lynn enrolled in the Criminal Justice program because her goal is to make a positive change in her community. She hopes to work with youth and guide them toward positive choices and away from the consequences of being caught up in the adult corrections system.

      Returning to school wasn't quite what Jo Lynn expected. She had never taken an online class and found it confusing at first. That is, until Monte Schaff, UTTC-IT Director, presented the "Success for Online Learners" workshop at BHLC. The free training for area students and residents really helped Jo understand the online learning system.

      Now, some of the benefits she enjoys are: studying at her own pace, being close to home, and receiving the attention she needs from her two favorite BHLC staff members, Laurette and Tamera.

      Jo’s advice to future online learners is: if she can do it, anyone can!

      “Online learning is very interesting,” she says. “I recommend taking an online training class before you start so you know what to expect and how to navigate the system.”

      We welcome Jo Lynn to the UTTC Black Hills Learning Center family!

      And we welcome new students for spring semester; classes begin January 6. Ask us about classes and course offerings for you!

– Tamera Marshall, Black Hills Learning Center

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