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CRUNCH Heard ‘Round Campus
By Jan Keller, Extension Nutrition Educator
27 November 2013

      National Food Day, October 24, was celebrated at United Tribes and around the country with a big "Crunch."

      United Tribes staff and students, and youngsters from Theodore Jamerson Elementary School took part in the third annual Food Day by participating in the National Apple Crunch.

APPLES ALOFT: TJES youngsters ready for the National Apple Crunch bite in unison.

      The UTTC event paralleled similar events that took place across the country. Food Day is devoted to promoting, supporting and celebrating affordable, healthy and sustainable food.

      At 12-noon, United Tribes added 166 collective crunches to those around the nation as students and staff enthusiastically bit into apples.

      Most of the apples were graciously donated by UTTC employees and Dan's Supermarket. The local apples supported the main theme of Food Day: "Local, Healthy, and Sustainable Whole Foods."

      Following the "Crunch," the apple cores were composted in the cafeteria container garden to demonstrate true sustainability.

      On behalf of the Land Grant/Extension team, 'thank you' to all who participated and supported the "Crunch," and thanks for your continued support of healthy foods, families and communities.


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