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The Power of the Tongue
01 December 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) - By Lisa Stump, Student Senate President

      My great grandpa “Four Souls” once told my mother that the most powerful thing she owned was her tongue. He told her to be careful how she used it. The tongue could ruin a person’s life. The tongue is so powerful, it can wound one so badly they may not recover. But the tongue can save a life too. A person may feel like killing themselves. A person with a kind tongue can change their mind, therefore saving their life.

Four Souls

      We as people possess this awesome power. Some do not realize the powerful impact the tongue has. Some abuse this power by idle gossip, insults or discouragement, some utilize the power to educate, some to encourage, some to sing , some to laugh. Then there are the ones who use the tongue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. They speak of unjust treatment, education, healthcare and the loss of our way of life. They sit in ceremonies and pray for a better life for our people.

      So please friends, relatives, students and educators, be careful with the power the Creator has given us, the power of the tongue, the voice, and of words. Use it to empower one another through encouragement, acknowledgement, compassion, expression, education and prayer.


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