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Program recognized World AIDS Day
By Lisa Sangrey-Stump
3 December 2013

      United Tribes Technical College recognized World AIDs Day with an informative and entertaining program December 2 in the Healing room of the college’s Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center.

      The guest speaker was Lindsey VanderBusch described North Dakota’s efforts to prevent the spread of HIV. She manages the North Dakota Public Health HIV-AIDS Program. She emphasized the need for more awareness about risky behavior such as unprotected sex, and needle-sharing for drug use, tattooing or body piercing.

The marriage of Two Bulls and Willow is based on mutual respect and a pledge to honor the sacredness of their union in the skit “Eagle Woman Wisdom,” by Lisa Stump. The happy couple was played by Devereaux Yellowearing and Jace Ducheneaux.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

      VanderBusch reported that the HIV program is expanding the reach of testing through the use of rapid HIV testing, thereby providing new opportunities to reach people who are at risk of becoming infected.

      North Dakota CARES (Comprehensive AIDS-HIV Resources and Emergency Services) is a program that assists low-income North Dakota residents living with HIV or AIDS to access confidential health and supportive services.

Eagle Woman Wisdom

      The event feature was a skit titled “Eagle Woman Wisdom,” written by Lisa Stump for the UTTC Student Senate. The short drama used traditional Native characters to guide how to prevent the spread of HIV-AIDS. The themes emphasized honoring and respecting our bodies, abstaining from risky behaviors and honoring relationships with significant others.

      The character Eagle Woman was played by Mykelyn Teaman (Paiute/Shoshone); Bear Claw by Geno Declay (Apache) Student Senate President; Bear Robe by Tony Stump (Chippewa Cree); Mrs. Bear Robe by Wynette Mills (Sioux); Two Bulls by Devereaux Yellowearing (Sioux); Willow by Jace Ducheneaux (Sioux); and Little Brother was Rowdy Denny (Chippewa Cree), who attends Wachter Middle School in Bismarck.

      The event was coordinated by Julie Cain, Chemical Health Center Director, and Jessica DeCoteau of Student Health.

      For more information about HIV/AIDS testing go to http://www.ndhealth.gov/HIV/ or call 1.800.70.NDHIV.


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