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UTTC business leaders group rejuvenated
By Teresa Hughes, UTTC AIBL President
5 December 2013

      Wonderful news to share from the United Tribes American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) chapter the UTTC group is open for business!

      AIBL provides business and educational opportunities to American Indian college students. We who are involved gain business knowledge and practical experience that feeds our business sense and entrepreneurial spirit. AIBL is based on Education, Leadership, Experience and Culture.

AIBL members, seated from left: Lisa Deleon, Budget & Finance VP; Tennille Burning Breast, Marketing VP; Lynn Fox, Fundraising VP; Marie Short Bull, Executive Vice President; Hannah White Elk; Public Outreach VP; Leslie Mountain, Secretary. Standing from left, Glen Philbrick, Adviser; Courtney Lawrence; Caressa Weeks; Teresa Hughes, President; LaSheena Afraid of Hawk; Marian Declay; and Amy Mossett, Adviser.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

      AIBL is designed for business students by promoting opportunities through college and beyond. It offers practical experience in the field of business through internships, training and conferences, as well as leadership development through open dialog in membership.

      Leaders provide the vision and empower their teams to build success, which is why it's crucial in today's global marketplace that all students develop strong business leadership skills.

      AIBL fosters leadership development through guidance and training and by participating in National competitions and attending national meetings that highlight leadership and entrepreneurial success stories.

      Competing in academic competition at the national level is a major goal of our chapter and we look forward to participating in the business related categories sponsored at the AIHEC Conference in Montana and the AIBL Conference in Arizona.

      Cultural education and development is an important part of the AIBL mission too. Programs and activities stimulate, expand and enhance the educational experience beyond traditional classroom methods. Learning to balance both worlds is essential as students see culture as a direct connection to their identity. If we can succeed at achieving balance, students will be successful in college and in future professions!

      Contact me or Amy Mossett to learn more or join! Thank You.


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United Tribes AIBL Chapter

Teresa Hughes, President

Marie Short Bull, Executive Vice President

Lisa Deleon, Vice President Budget and Finance

Tennille Burning Breast, Vice President Marketing

Hannah White Elk, Vice President Public Outreach

Lynn Fox, Vice President Fundraising

Leslie Mountain, Secretary

Doreen Welsh-Pretends Eagle, Parliamentarian/Historian

Amy Mossett, Adviser

Glen Philbrick, Adviser

Amy Schweitzer, Adviser