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UTTC Leadership through Experience Christmas Party a success
9 December 2005
by Molly Huber, Financial Aid Counselor

      The first annual Leadership through Experience Christmas party luncheon was held at the Jack Barden Center on Wednesday, December 7, 2005. Forty-six students and supervisors came together to celebrate the holidays and the program. The party was a great success! Green Mill delivered great pizza and door prizes of wrapped gifts were available to all students. Students also received a $20.00 gift certificate to the Grand Theatres.

Christmas party
UTN photo Molly Huber

      In addition to the students and supervisors, Dr. Gipp, President of UTTC and Russell Swagger, Dean of Student & Campus Services were invited to the event. Russell Swagger had this to say about the program; "The Leadership through Experience program is an extremely important program for UTTC and its students for many reasons. The program creates value for everyone who is involved in the experience. Staff persons learn to supervise and work one-on-one in developing and preparing students for their future careers. Students gain real world experience that will give them the confidence to leave UTTC and transition successfully into the workforce.

      This program is an initiative that Dr. Gipp envisioned. The idea was for the program to serve many purposes.  It was to help students reduce their debt to the college, to help students gain work experience, it was to give students much needed spending money and much more. Jesi Shanley and Kathy Johnson took the concept and moved it into action. They developed the name of the program and all of the other components that make it successful. The program is designed to be comprehensive in the respect that students will complete applications, interviews, performance evaluations, etc.

      A future goal for UTTC is to expand this opportunity to more students, increase funding and to gain additional federal and private sector funding to sustain the program. The program is invaluable. I am extremely proud of our Leader Dr. Gipp for bringing this vision to us.  I am also extremely proud of Kathy Johnson, Jesi Shanley and Molly Huber for making this vision a reality and such a success.  Finally, I am also elated that the Leadership through Experience Students and their Supervisors have been working so hard in achieving their goals. Keep up the great work!"

      I would like to thank all the supervisors and students who participate in the program. It has been wonderful working with you. Happy Holidays!


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