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UTTC honors mid-year graduates
14 December 2007

Happy Graduates
HAPPY GRADUATES: Mid year graduates in a receiving line accept congratulations from family, friends and college staff members during an honoring program December 14 at United Tribes Technical College. UTN Photo.

BISMARCK (UTN) United Tribes Technical College honored 20 graduates during a ceremony December 14 at the college in Bismarck. One earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. Fifteen had earned Associate of Applied Science Degrees in 10 different programs of study; and four earned Certificates of Completion in the field of Medical Transcription.

Bachelor of Science: (with Sinte Gleska University)

Elementary Education: Anita A. Green (Three Affiliated) Beulah, ND (honor student)

Associate of Applied Science:

Art-Art Marketing: Chante Skuya Hall (Oglala Lakota) Bismarck, ND.

Heidi A. Benson Everett
Criminal Justice Program graduate Heidi A. Benson Everett (Three Affiliated) is congratulated by UTTC President David M. Gipp. At left, Russell Swagger, keynote speaker and UTTC Vice-President of Student and Campus Services. UTN photo.

Business Office Technology-Information Processing Specialist: Robert P. Bear (Caddo Nation of Oklahoma) Norman, OK.

Computer Information Technology: Alex F. Azure Sr. (Standing Rock) Selfridge, ND.

Criminal Justice: Heidi A. Benson Everett (Three Affiliated) Bismarck, ND (honor student); Kenberly D. Cuevas (Cheyenne River) Bismarck, ND; Valene K. Pretends Eagle (Standing Rock) Bismarck, ND; Daisy V. Teller (Shoshone Tribe) Bismarck, ND; Belisha N. White Eagle (Standing Rock) Mandan, ND.

Early Childhood Education: JoBeth M. Brown Otter (Standing Rock) McLaughlin, SD.

Injury Prevention: Brooklyn E. Maxon (Three Affiliated) Little Eagle, SD.

Nursing: Brandi L. Saucedo (Oglala Lakota) Pine Ridge, SD.

Claudette Ann Pochant
Nutrition and Food Service graduate Claudette Ann Pochant (Turtle Mountain) is congratulated by Russell Swagger, UTTC Vice-President of Student and Campus Services. At right, David M. Gipp, UTTC President. UTN photo.

Nutrition and Food Service: Claudette A. Pochant (Turtle Mountain) Bismarck, ND.

Small Business Management: April L. Little Ghost-Kalenze (Spirit Lake) Bismarck, ND (honor student); Jesse W. LeBeaux (Oglala Lakota) Bismarck, ND.

Tribal Management: Brandie A. Dionne (Fort Peck Assiniboine) Poplar, MT.

Certificate of Medical Transcription: Amy L. Schnur, Bismarck, ND; Michelle A. Leingang, Mandan, ND; Jennifer M. McGee, Minot, ND; Joyce M. Potter, Mandan, ND.

      "Earning a degree opens doors for graduates that were not open before," said Russell Swagger (St. Croix Chippewa), keynote speaker and UTTC Vice President of Student and Campus Services. "Graduates are seen as people who complete the things they start."

Valene K. Pretends Eagle
Criminal Justice Program graduate Valene K. Pretends Eagle (Standing Rock) is congratulated by Dennis Renville, Master of Ceremonies, during the UTTC Fall Honoring program. UTN photo.

      In addition to having value in the job market, earning a degree also helps to strengthen a person's role in their family and community, something that is valued higher in the Indian community, he said.

      "College graduates tend to have a more optimistic view of the future," said Swagger. "What you learn gets passed on to your children and future generations. Your community, friends and family also benefit from the knowledge you gain. You become more informed about issues that affect you and you have more to contribute to society."

      The drum group Eyabay provided opening and closing songs. A meal was served at the UTTC cafeteria.

      Spring Semester 2008 at UTTC begins with student orientation January 2 4, followed by the start of classes on January 7.


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