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USDA Announcements
14 December 2011

The US Department of Agriculture has released two important announcements related to the Keepseagle case.

Creation of Council
Ag. Secretary Tom Vilsack announced publication in the Federal Register of the creation of the Council for Native American Farming and Ranching. The USDA is soliciting recommendations for appointment to the council for a period of 45 days, from December 7 until January 20, 2012.  Individuals who are encouraged to seek appointment to the council include:

  • Native American farmers or ranchers who have participated in USDA loan or payment programs;
  • Persons with a history of working with Native American farmers or ranchers and an understanding of agricultural issues;
  • Civil rights professionals;
  • Representatives of Tribal governments with demonstrated experience working with Native American farmers or ranchers.

CNAFR Federal Register notice
USDA CNAFR information release

Keepseagle Claims Period
The USDA reminds tribal leaders to encourage their members who are interested and potentially eligible for monetary relief and debt relief from the Keepseagle settlement to file a claim on or before December 27, which is the final day upon which claims may be filed to participate in the settlement.

USDA Keepseagle information release

More Information: USDA Office of Tribal Relations 202-205-2249, John.Lowery@osec.usda.gov


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