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Donation made for library books
15 December 2011

GIFT OF READING: Presenting the donation, from left, Yvonne Howling Wolf (Three Affiliated), Kara Four Bear (Cheyenne River), Rolentha Begay (Dine’), Memoree Skinner (Cheyenne River), and Shyanne Schmalz (Standing Rock), all UTTC Teacher Education students, with Mari Ferguson and Sam Azure, TJES librarian and principal. DENNIS J. NEUMANN United Tribes News

BISMARCK (UTN) - The presentation of two gift cards totaling $700 was greeted with a rousing cheer and waving hands by students of Theodore Jamerson Elementary School. And not because it meant toys for Christmas.

      The gift came from the United Tribes chapter of the Student North Dakota Education association (SNDEA). The group hosted a carnival earlier in the year and raised money for books for the TJES Library.

      Representatives of the student group made the presentation December 8 in the college gymnasium with all eight grades of TJES youngsters looking on from the bleachers.

      Enrolled in TJES are 166 children of students who attend United Tribes Technical College.


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