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UTTC to Present 'Safe School' Training
By Dr. Phil Baird, Vice President, Academic, Career & Technical Education
18 December 2007

      United Tribes Technical College has scheduled an all-staff training session on the subject of campus safety for Friday, January 11 on the college campus in Bismarck.

      "Creating and Sustaining a Safe Tribal College Campus" will be presented as part of the college's professional development program for faculty and staff.

      The training curriculum was developed specifically for Tribal educational institutions in Indian Country. UTTC will be the first tribal college to host the new program.

      "Basically, we are preparing the college to better understand how to keep the UTTC campus safe for students and staff," said Ray Dingeman, Criminal Justice Program department chair.

      The 'Safe School' training opportunity emerged from discussions between UTTC and the BIA Law Enforcement division about how to address school safety issues in Indian Country.

      UTTC's Safety Committee has already completed initial plans and training for "Community Emergency Response Teams" to address emergencies such as fires, tornadoes, and hazardous chemical spills.

      The Safe School training is based on criminal justice and law enforcement research. It will provide the most recent findings about how to prepare for school safety scenarios like what happened at Red Lake, Minnesota and Virginia Tech.

      Professional Development Day is open to all staff members. The program will also include the topic, "Suicide Prevention in Indian Country," in the afternoon.

      There are no classes scheduled on January 11.

      For more information, contact Ray Dingeman (Ext 1434) or Karla Baxter (Ext 1245) at UTTC.


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