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Mid-year graduates honored at United Tribes
20 December 2011

"My girl, I'm so proud of you," said Gwen Lone Wolf, Fort Yates, ND, as she warmly hugged her daughter, Bareil Lawrence (Standing Rock) Mandan, ND, during the United Tribes Fall Honoring program. Lawrence graduated from the college’s Business and Office Technology program December 16 in Bismarck.

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College honored 27 mid-year graduates during a ceremony December 16 at the college in Bismarck.

      The college’s Fall Honoring Program completed the semester and marked the beginning of a two week holiday break.

      Twenty-one graduates earned Associate of Applied Science Degrees in nine programs of study; two earned Bachelor of Science Degrees in Elementary Education, conferred through a partnership with Sinte Gleska University; and four earned Certificates of Completion in Medical Transcription.

      The program’s keynote speaker told the graduates they had “proven themselves” as inspired and motivated students by the fact they had earned their degrees.

Teresa DeLorme

      Teresa DeLorme told her personal story of growing up on the Turtle Mountain Reservation. She went to boarding school at a young age but thanks to her mother, a great believer in education, she completed her schooling at home, graduating from high school ahead of her class. Despite that, as a wife and parent of three living in poverty, it took her three tries at college before graduating. Today, she is the principal of Pioneer Elementary School, one of three Native principals in Bismarck/Mandan public schools, and has United Tribes students serving as student teachers there.

      “Some people think that because I am where I am today that life is kinda easy. You know what, it’s never easy,” she told the graduates and an audience of 135 family members, friends and college staff.

      She observed that every life experience has a purpose, even the difficult ones. And opportunity will come your way through people who enter your life and recognize skills that you may not recognize you have.

      “Your opportunities to continue your journey as a life-long learner are everywhere,” she said. “All you have to do is look for them a little bit, like the person next to you who says, ‘you know, this is great but it’s not enough.’ You can do so much more.”

Shanoa Pinkham, Miss Indian Nations XIX

      Shanoa Pinkham, Miss Indian Nations XIX, added to the keynote message. Pinkham, 21, of the Yakima Nation, is a third year University of Washington student majoring in communications and American Indian studies.

      “Your journey isn’t over yet, mine isn’t over yet either,” she told the graduates. “It gives me courage and strength to see so many Indian people make it through and accomplish this. On the Yakima Reservation I’ve had the sadness of witnessing half of my classmates not making it through middle school. So, to see you here today, and all the families and children here in the audience who will be inspired by your example, really makes me feel very happy. Go for what you believe in and keep enduring and keep pushing.”

      Other speakers during the program were United Tribes President Dr. David M. Gipp, United Tribes Counselor Russell Gillette, Student Speaker Kara Four Bear, a graduate of the UTTC/Sinte Gleska Bachelor’s program in Elementary Education, and UTTC VP Russell Swagger.

      The drum group Tatanka Nagi provided Flag and Honor songs. The UTTC Color Guard presented and retired the Staff and Flags. A lunch was hosted for grads, family members and friends in the college’s newly renovated cafeteria.

      Spring Semester 2012 at UTTC begins with student orientation January 3-4, followed by the start of classes on January 5.

United Tribes mid-year Graduates

Art-Art Marketing
Philip Grider, Fine Arts, Bismarck, ND
Shane Brunelle, Graphic Arts (Turtle Mountain) Bismarck, ND
Automotive Technology
Lester Crooke (Hopi Tribe) Tuba City, AZ
Business and Office Technology
Amber Encalada (Oglala Tribe) Bismarck, ND
Bareil Lawrence (Standing Rock ) Mandan, ND
Joseph Lawrence (Standing Rock) Bullhead, SD
Computer Information Technology
John A. Gunville (Turtle Mountain) Dunseith, ND
Criminal Justice
Gayla L. Little Dog (Standing Rock) Mandan, ND
Preston E. Wise Spirit (Standing Rock) Cannonball, ND
Anthony Walker, Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska) Bismarck, ND
Early Childhood Education
James R. Bagwell, Bismarck, ND
Justyn J. Lawrence (Cheyenne River) Bismarck, ND
Kathryn M. White (Spirit Lake) Bismarck, ND
Elementary Education
Nikita Knight (Cheyenne River) Bismarck, ND
Marie Spotted Horse (Three Affiliated) Bismarck, ND
Memoree Skinner (Cheyenne River) Bismarck, ND
Wylee Bearstail (Three Affiliated) Bismarck, ND
Nutrition and Foodservice
Allison J. Archambault (Standing Rock) Bullhead, SD
Small Business Management
John Colin Bearstail (Three Affiliated) Mandan, ND
Tribal Environmental Science
Jessica M. Pumpkinseed (Oglala Tribe) Bismarck, ND
Nicole Wells (Three Affiliated) Bismarck, ND

Elementary Education 
Kara Four Bear (Cheyenne River) Bismarck, ND
Nevada Allen (Three Affiliated) Cannonball, ND

Medical Transcription
Dani Jarek, Ft. Meade, MD
Karen A. Emineth, Bismarck, ND
Mary Jo Sloven, New Salem, ND
Stacy Newburgh, Fargo, ND

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