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First upper division course approved by curriculum committee
21 December 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - The United Tribes Technical College Curriculum Committee has given its approval to the college’s first ever upper division course.

      Early Childhood Special Education (SPD 400) is the first in a sequence of upper level courses offered by UTTC’s Teacher Education Department.

Members of the United Tribes Curriculum Committee, from left: Joey McLeod, registrar and committee co-chair; Lisa J. Azure, Teacher Education Department chair; Carol Anderson, Small Business Management instructor/chair and committee co-chair; Marge Palaniuk, General Education instructor; Jeanette Martin, Academic Advancement Center instructor; Stacie Iken, Upper Division Program director; Leah Hamann, Teacher Education instructor; and Evelyn Orth, Practical Nursing Program chair.

      The action came at a meeting of the committee December 4.

      SPD 400 is the first 300 or 400 level course offered by the college, which has offered two-year, Associate of Applied Science degrees since 1987.

      The new course is on the schedule of offerings for the spring 2010 semester beginning January 6.

      The UTTC Teacher Education department is seeking approval from both the state and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools to offer a Baccalaureate Degree in Elementary Education. The NCA allows coursework to be offered prior to approval to determine the quality of the instruction and the offering.

      SPD 400 will be available to students in the Elementary Education program who also wish to seek an Early Childhood Special Education endorsement.

      The course will be taught by Tammy Brown Volk, MEd, of the Bismarck Early Childhood Education Program whose Masters degree is in Early Childhood Special Education.