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Healthy Eating
By Kimberly Rhoades, United Tribes Land Grant Nutrition Educator
21 December 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - To start off the New Year right – do not pledge to lose weight but to eat healthier and in moderation. Here are some helpful tips to start the New Year off right:

Healthy Eating Basics

      You don’t have to sneak around the snack table at all the gatherings you attend to escape from gaining any extra pounds. Instead of loading your plate, sky high, with sweets, just take a couple of items. If there’s a fruit or vegetable platter, pile your plate full of grapes, berries, melon balls, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.

Tasty Alternatives

      Drink fruit juice or water instead of soda during special events or get togethers. You can still have one glass of soda at supper, but avoid chugging numerous cans of regular soda.

Lay Off the Sweets

      Skip all the chocolates and upcoming holiday treats that are being handed out left, right and center and grab a piece of fruit instead. It may sound lame to eat fruit but in the end your body will thank you. If not a whole fruit, grab a handful of dried cranberries and raisins.

Avoid Fatty Foods

      For breakfast, toast up some whole grain bread or make some whole wheat and blueberry pancakes. Add a poached or scrambled egg and avoid having too many fried foods. That way, if you are craving a couple pieces of fried bacon, you won’t have to feel so bad about indulging.

Everything in Moderation

      Remember that you don’t have to cut out all the favorite foods or treats at mealtime just take smaller portions. If you’re still hungry after dinner, eat a vegetable or fruit. If you want a couple of chocolates, go for it. But don’t end up sitting in front of the TV or visiting and finish off a whole box. Try to be more aware of your food intake and the affect it has on you and your body.

      More information contact Kim Rhoades: 701-255-3285 x 1426, krhoades@uttc.edu.