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United Tribes 40
Following Up
21 December 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - A good many of you responded with information about the old photos published in each issue of United Tribes News in 2009 to recognize the colleges’ 40 year anniversary. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and stories. Here’s some of what was learned from you:


Photo of unidentified student in the early 1970s

      Alvina Broken Leg (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Rushville, NE, was one who responded to the undated photo in the February edition, identifying herself in the student group on the porch of the education building (upper left among those seated, wearing glasses). Through her son William, a current student, she said the photo was 1970 or 71. And she handed us another mystery: this photo of an unidentified United Tribes student of that era. If you know who this is, tell us with an e-mail: opi@uttc.edu.


      A few of the buckaroos in the March edition’s rodeo photo from the early 70s were identified by Rosie Moore Zavala of Bismarck. Her father, the late Ed Moore, was running the chute. Buster Moore chipped in with ID of youngsters sitting with him on the fence, including Sam Moore, Tony Two Bears and J.R. Foote. Michelle Beaty added the names of fence-sitters Richie and Robbie Dunn, along with Emerson Chase and Toni Foote in front of the chute. “Brings back the good ole days,” said Micky.


      The April edition photo of the first class of United Tribes Licensed Practical Nurses in 1979 prompted a phone call from Harlan Horned Eagle, the only male student of the ten graduates. One of the other graduates in that group, Deborah Bordeaux, now the Principal of Loneman School, Pine Ridge, SD, attended the United Tribes Nurses Reunion during the 2009 powwow.


      Mike Clifford, now with the Pine Ridge IHS, put a name to the one person we did not identify in our November photo of the Stock Car Club: Carl Martinez wearing a jean jacket and leaning on the fender. We implied that racing at a local track began in the late 70s. In fact the club was formed in 1974 by instructor Ray Patneaud with students James Cadwell, Melvin Farmer, William White Lightening and Harold Thompson. The first cars were a 1966 Mercury and a 1961 Chevy.


      Concerning the staff photo from 1980 in the December edition, Harriett Skye pointed out that it is Irby Hand at the far left of the last row and not Wilbur Red Tomahawk. She said she ought to know because she was married to him!

      We mistakenly identified the ninth person in the second row. Anita Moore called to say it was her sister Tamara Moore and not Joey McLeod.


      M. Yvonne Longie (Spirit Lake) wrote that she had “a lot of good memories of [United Tribes], and learned so much,” graduating in October 1970 in Business Clerical. She recalled the monthly newsletter KEYAPI, published by B/C students and staff. She said it was started by Don Hart and he picked that name, which in Lakota translates to “it is said or it is reported.” KEYAPI was also known affectionately as the “Tiny Bud Tribune.”

      It was said that student Lee Fox Sr. (Three Affiliated) was instrumental in organizing fellow students to conduct the first United Tribes powwow in 1970. Origins of the powwow are of keen interest and anyone who has recollections is encouraged to share them.

      Of course, United Tribes is always interested in photos; perhaps you would allow duplication.

      Thank you to all who shared. It is enlightening, inspiring and entertaining!


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