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Advice from recent grads: start your job search early
22 December 2005
by Jason Pretty Boy, Student and Campus Services

      You should start searching for a job even before you graduate. That's the advice of two recent United Tribes Technical College graduates.

      Tamara and Louie Hayes were guest speakers November 30 on campus.

Tamara and Louie Hayes
Tamara and Louie Hayes

      The couple made the trip back from Keshena, Wisconsin, located on their home reservation, the Menomonee Nation. Both graduated from UTTC in May: Tamara in Criminal Justice and Louie in Automotive Technology.

      Louie supervises the tribe's vehicle maintenance department. Tamara is currently enrolled in a police academy and will go to work for the tribal police department when she finishes early in the New Year. They have one daughter, Sienna who is eight years old.

      While here as students from 2003 to 2005, they found the family atmosphere and campus support services to their liking.

      Tamara took part in Student Senate and attended the AIHEC conference, placing second as a member of the Critical Inquiry team. They excelled in their individual pursuits and graduated after two years.

      That's when their real world experience began.

      After graduation they returned home to Wisconsin, without any real idea of what they would do. When nothing developed, they put in for odd jobs. It took them longer than expected to land something substantial.

      They believe that starting a job search before graduation would have shortened the time before they put their education to work.

      Both saw their return to United Tribes as a way to "give back to the community" that supported them in accomplishing their goals.

      The visit was made possible at the urging of Russell Swagger, dean of Student and Campus Services.

      While here they spoke to Criminal Justice and Automotive Service Technology students about accomplishing goals and preparing for what comes when you graduate.

      The trip to Bismarck and visiting with friends at the college was a fond reminder for Tamara and Louie of the community they called home.


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