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Tribes honor University of Mary president
22 December 2009

FRIENDLY TRADITION: Members of the United Tribes staff had the pleasure of meeting and honoring the new University of Mary president on December 10. The Rev. James Shea attended a reception in his honor at the Barden Center on the United Tribes campus. Among the gifts presented by UTTC President David M. Gipp was a framed breast plate created by former Art/Art Marketing student Stacey Speedis of the Yakima Tribe. Shea acknowledged the long friendship between United Tribes and University of Mary and pledged to continue relations in that tradition. Shea became U-Mary President July 1, 2009, succeeding Sister Thomas Welder who retired. He is originally from Hazelton, ND. The UTTC reception included an invocation by counselor Julie Cain, talks by students Lisa Stump and Jenna Skunk Cap and vice presidents Phil Baird and Russell Swagger, a receiving line, and honor songs by the Wise Spirit singers.

United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann