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UTTC partners with U-Mary for foodservice experience
22 December 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - All Nutrition and Foodservice students at United Tribes are required to complete 150 hours of internship during Foodservice Practicum I or Nutrition Practicum II in order to complete their major.

Shannon Dionne (Fort Peck Tribe, Poplar, MT) gained experienced in foodservice during a practicum at University of Mary. United Tribes News photo Annette Broyles

      When Shannon Dionne, Nutrition and Wellness major, decided to pursue the Practicum I in fall 2009, little did she know she would spend time at the University of Mary in their foodservice department.

      This is the first semester that UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Department and Chartwell’s dining services at the University of Mary have partnered to help provide a variety of foodservice experiences to UTTC students.

      Shannon was able to gain experience working in the University Dining Hall, Benedictine Dining Hall, and Chick’s Place, learning about the flow of food from purchasing to serving. She worked under the direction of Brian Laehn, Executive Chef at University of Mary.

      While there, she was able to share some of her knowledge of nutrition by helping expand their meal offerings to include more whole grains and decrease servings of high fat condiments.

      Shannon will graduate spring 2010 and would like to continue her education in dietetics or community nutrition.