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Tribal symbols for new science building
22 December 2009

IN RELIEF: The artistry of Butch Thunderhawk (Standing Rock) will grace the exterior of the United Tribes science and technology building, now under construction on the college’s new, south campus. Concrete mock ups of two of his stylized images were delivered to the construction site in early December. According to Thunderhawk, the Thunderbird and Horse are images of power and strength in northern plains tribal traditions that are associated with the westerly (Wiyohpeyata) direction. He designed the images for architects last summer and provided cultural design concepts for the entire building. These images will be used, naturally, on the building’s west side, where they will be seen by passersby on University Drive. He will create the designs of other tribal symbols for the sides facing in other directions. Thunderhawk is the United Tribes Tribal Arts Instructor/Director.

United Tribes News photo Curt Maynard