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Generosity, friendship help in recovery from fire
22 December 2012

Members of the United Tribes campus community donated over $2,300 in cash and gift cards for student Trista Phelan (Crow Agency) following a misfortune that befell her and her two sons in October. They lost all possessions in a fire that started in a nearby unit in their apartment building in north Bismarck. No injuries were reported. Donations also included household items, clothing and toys. The family is now living on the UTTC campus as they search for a new home.

- Editor


Trista Y. Phelan and sons Jayceon (5) and Synsir (3) DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

I and my sons would like to express our sincere thanks to all who helped in our time of need. The October 16 fire was a huge setback in our lives. Iím so thankful that we were not injured; we are all safe and healthy. It completely destroyed all our possessions and left us homeless. We were tired, scared and didnít know where to turn. But with the help of the Red Cross and a group of very amazing people, we are putting our lives back together.

Thanks, Red Cross, for those three days in the motel that gave us time to get over the shock. Thanks, UTTC, for providing us with a place to live till we get back on our feet. Thanks also for the generous use of UTTC furniture and for funding assistance to help replace much of what we lost.

Personnel in the Admissions Office were great supporters who let me know how much they care. The entire Enrollment Management staff pulled-together money of their own to help us with the necessities.

My sons are grateful for the books, cars and other gifts they received. Even the small things helped make our place a home and gave us a sense of comfort and hope.

I am overwhelmed by the showing of kindness and support in the weeks after the fire by so many good people, including UTTC VP Dr. Russell Swagger and Enrollment Director Kathleen Thurman; and Scott Russell from the Crow Tribe and Melva Iron and her department.

Thank you to UTTC/Family/Friends: Michael Iken, Jeri and Harmony Severson, Admissions Department staff, Jim and Rosanne Johnson, Mark Wallevand, Mark Turner, the staff of the Wellness Center, Dennis Neumann, Cindy McLeod, TJ McLaughlin, Ryan Hertel, Arleen Edmonson-Wolfe, Ryan Cuomo, Kathy Allard, UTTC Auto Mechanics, Tanya Thomas-Long, Joe and Donna of Mandan, Pastor Gordon of the Assembly of God Church, UTTC Student Senate, Brian Palecek and his Native American Literature Class. And thanks to all the Staff, Students and Good People who showed their kindness, as well as Jenny Phelan, Bernell Martell, Jennifer and Saige Youngbear-Firstrider, Cabbrina and Laramie Plainfeather, Trixy Phelan-Hugs, Francesa Galaz, Amy Mosset, BillieJo LaVallie and Dad, and Malissa Buffalo.

Words cannot express how I feel; please know that all of you are in our hearts forever.


Trista, Jayceon and Synsir Phelan


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