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22 December 2012

Working With A Master

MAKING MUSIC: Dominick Hinshaw, TJES Grade 6, receives the benefit of some expert advice for making a Native flute from Keith Bear (Three Affiliated). Bear spent a week in October at TJES working with students in grades K to 8. In background from left, Tyler Bear Eagle and Alan Iron Eyes also Grade 6 students, working on their projects. Bear is a Native flute recording artist and flute-maker; he taught the students how to make a flute from scratch from a block of wood.

DENNIS J. NEUMANN<>United Tribes News

First Quarter 2012-13 School Year

Grade 4
Avery Lawrence, Evelyn Big Eagle, Jonah Jackson, Julie Middletent, Kari Waanatan, Kaylee Jackson, Kody Starr, Sean Lawrence, Sebastiana Ventura- Ortley, Tanya Richards, Tehya Little Owl, Ygnacio Quarry

Grade 5
Merrill Howling Wolf Jr., Aliyah Hopkins, Jerome Crazy Thunder, Kristen Cline, Lorne Knows His Gun, Megan Bercier, Nevaeh Bear Eagle, Nevaeh Quarry, Oroc Iron Eyes, Siavy Yazzie, Tailyn Marrow Bone, Trajen Wise Spirit

Grade 6
Daeshaun Strong Heart, Dominick Hinshaw, Jerral Murray, Trevin Yazzie

Grade 7
Kaeleigh Cain, Taylor Johnson

Grade 8
Amber Moon, Elissya Feather Earring, JoLynn Windy Boy, Monaire Guina

Glenna Mueller, TJES Math/Reading Center


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