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Students Assembling Internment-Era Structure
23 December 2012

HISTORY PROJECT: Students in the Construction Technology Program were in the process in late October of erecting a piece of history at United Tribes. At left, Winston Pretty On Top (Crow) Lodge Grass, MT, and Byron Desersa (Oglala) Pine Ridge, SD, check the sill alignment of a wall section belonging to building T-23, a building that dates to World War II. Under the supervision of instructor Steve White Mountain, the students were assembling the 70-year-old structure that housed internees at Fort Lincoln Internment Camp, now the site of the college. A 40-foot section of the original 150-foot building is being re-constructed for students and visitors as a learning location to improve understanding about wartime confinement, loss of freedom and constitutional rights, and the role Fort Lincoln played in a dark chapter in the nation’s history.

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