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One step from being a 'master mechanic'
28 December 2004

Tony LaVallie and Tom Wolbaum

      Tony LaVallie (Spirit Lake) left, brought home a Silver Certificate recently from a training session in Chicago. It added to his considerable knowledge and experience about Hyundai automobiles. A class of 2000 graduate of UTTC's Automotive Service Technician program, LaVallie was hired right out of school by Bismarck Honda-Nissan-Hyundai and is now the company's head Hyundai Service Technician.

      "You bet I believe in him," said Tom Wolbaum, the company's service director and Tony's supervisor. "He's an excellent employee. We've invested in his training. One more class and he becomes a master mechanic."

      Tony credits his wife Deborah, a housing assistant in UTTC's department of Student and Campus Services, with encouraging him to go to school.


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