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Do you remember this sign?
29 December 2008

FROM THE PAST: If you recognize this United Tribes entrance sign, then its possible you have a long connection with the college. This was the sign first used at what was then called United Tribes Employment Training Center. The facility opened in July 1969 and was officially dedicated on September 6. Founded by four North Dakota tribes, it was operated by the Bendix Field Engineering Corporation of Columbia, Maryland, named at lower left. Within two years the tribes assumed full control of the center, and in 1975 it was renamed United Tribes Educational Technical Center. That means your recollection of the employment training center reaches almost, if not all the way, back to the beginning four decades ago. The college has formed a committee, which is planning now for events in 2009 to celebrate the 40th anniversary. More information about the planning will be in future UTN editions. If you were a student, staff member or friend of the college, maybe you have recollections to share. Please contact us! We would be delighted to hear from you. By the way, the college name became United Tribes Technical College in 1987.


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