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Nutrition and Foodservice students experience fine dining
By Annette E. Broyles, UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Instructor/Dept. Chair
29 December 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) - A group of Nutrition and Foodservice students and instructors, along with members of the Land Grant staff, experienced a fine dining experience at Bismarck’s East 40 Chophouse on December 12.

      Students chose between Wildwood Meatloaf (ranch style Dakota buffalo with caramelized onion gravy), Grouper Amarretti (grouper fish sautéed in a sweet almond amaretto sauce with mushroom, spinach, and red pepper over wild rice), and Jalapeno Chicken Tortellini (chicken, bacon, mushrooms, roasted peppers, jalapeno, and scallion in a cilantro, tomato and garlic sauce with spinach parmesan tortellini) as their main entrée, along with soup or salad.

FINE DINERS: From left: Jill Keith, Pat Aune, Annette Broyles, Shannon Dionne, Cassandra Eagle, Whitney Hosie, and Tara Fox. Seated: Sarabeth Eagle and William Broken Leg. Nutrition and Foodservice photo.

      The dessert menu was studied closely as students chose between sweet potato cheesecake, crème brulee, whiskey rye bread pudding, da bomb (Oreo ice cream with chocolate ganache and caramel syrup), chocolate cake, and more. We learned to read the small print – if you order the chocolate cake, it would be enough to serve you and a friend! Actually it might be enough to feed four people.

      Students exchanged secret Santa gifts. Nutrition and Foodservice students, Cassandra and Sarabeth Eagle, who graduate in spring 2009, received their vocation club jackets. Students earn money to pay for the jackets through the Quantity Foods class offered each fall.


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