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Campus walkers put on the miles
By Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua, Strengthening Lifestyles Program Coordinator
29 December 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) - Congratulations to everyone who took part in the seven week, Fall Semester 2008 on-campus walking program of the United Tribes Walking Club. It began September 17 and ended on Halloween, October 31. During that time the 64 participants racked up a total of 948.4 miles. What a great accomplishment!

Fall Semester UTTC Walkers were recognized for their walking participation during a December 10 luncheon, from left, Curt Maynard 39.2, Drew Murphy 33.6, TJ McLaughlin 43.6, Julie Beston-Sage 29.4, and Collen Bredahl 32.3.

      At the start of the program all participants had the option of having body measurements done by the Strengthening Lifestyles staff. Personal folders were assembled for each walker. Each was also provided with health information reading material pertaining to the prevention of diabetes and a food/activity tracker handout.

      The food/activity tracker was to be completed weekly and put into each participant’s personal folder to track progress toward a healthier lifestyle change.

      Generally, the participants walked at noon and/or at 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. All were encouraged to stop by the Wellness Center anytime they are free.

Walkers and their mileage, from left, Robert Fox 61.9, Bruce Benson 56, Lynelle Lawler 46.3, Sierra Two Bulls 43.7, William Broken Leg 55.8, Butch Thunderhawk 57.5, and Jeff McDowell 47.3.

      The ultimate goal for each was to get moving and to become more physically active and healthier, however, there was the incentive of a healthier lifestyle – perhaps the greatest incentive of all.

      Walking is a cheap and easy way to add years onto one’s life expectancy. Walking helps prevent many health disparities. Proper nutrition/diet, exercise and regular doctor check-ups help prevent future health ailments and diseases.

      The Nike Air Native N7 shoe topped the list in a three tiered system of incentive levels for miles walked. To obtain a pair, walkers must have covered minimum of 48.9 miles. That distance sounded overwhelming at first. But it was attainable by walking once around the outer loop of the beautiful UTTC campus once a day, Monday through Friday for eight weeks.

      A national fitness organization recommends that we walk five miles or 10,000 steps each day. Autumn was such a pretty time of year and the walkers also enjoyed all the exquisite colors of the fall leaves and the fresh, clean North Dakota air.

      These walkers learned that walking is the way to get out and get moving and enjoy life!

      Kayla McLeod: “This was a way to stride for a healthier lifestyle and to stay on target for the incentives. It was a break from work and I had more energy after getting fresh air, and I visited with others around campus that were participating.”

      Bruce Benson: “At first my mind was about walking for the N7 shoes and then I started feeling the energy I was getting from the walking . That made me feel better about walking and being healthy.“

Minimum 48.9 miles: Nike Air Native N7 Shoes, Water Bottle, MP3 Player, $20 UTTC Bookstore gift certificate, Pedometer, T-shirt, Movie Passes
Minimum 32.6 miles: Water Bottle, MP3 Player, UTTC Bookstore gift certificate, Pedometer, T-shirt, Movie Passes
Minimum 16.3 miles: Pedometer, T-shirt, Movie Passes

Robert Fox 61.9
Butch Thunderhawk 57.5
Bruce Benson 56
William Broken Leg 55.8
Joey McLeod 47.3
Jeff McDowell 47.3
Lynelle Lawler 46.3
Sierra Two Bulls 43.7
Curt Maynard 39.2
Kayla McCloud 36
TJ McLaughlin 34.6
Dorothy Crow Feather 32.75
Drew Murphy 33.6
Colleen Bredahl 32.3
Julie Beston-Sage 29.4       
April Russell 29
Christa Cutler 27.2
Jackie Benson 27.2
Andrew Russell 22.4
Luanne Poitra 22.4
Jo Beth Brown Otter 12.7
Royce Benson 11.2
Donna Ruiz 10
Julie Cain 9.4
Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua 8.4
Ella Duran 5.6
Jay Claymore 5.5
Sonja Cain 4.2
Marsha Azure 4.2
Annette Broyles 4.2
Pat Aune 4.2
Tara Fox 4.2
Maria Kasto 4.2                         
Shannon Dionne 4.2
Fabian Betone 4.2
Cheryl Danks 2.8
Tanya Spilovoy 2.8
Pete Little Owl 2.8
Coleen Cain 2.8
Sheri Baker 2.8
Tamara Marshall 2.8
Dorothy Crow Dog 2.25
Ben McBride 1.4
Kevin B 1.4
Shirley Anderson 1.4
Carolyn Monison 1.4
Jenna Skunk Cap 1.4
Emma Rae Martell 1.4
Pierce Big Left Hand 1.4
Lennie Traqversie 1.4
Geri Racine 1.4
Stacy Iken 1.4
Josh Logg 1.4
Lorraine Davis 1.4
Uli Fox 1.4
Laban Red Owl 1.4
Season Means 1.4
Denise B 1.4
Barb Schmitt 1.4
Amber Mathern 1.4
Star Silk 1.4
Percy Lussier 1.4
Sheri Toman 1.4



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