UTTC Safety & Security, this year, agreed to assist the Bismarck Parks and Rec and Burleigh County Sheriff’s Office

in patrolling the walking path tunnel. UTTC and Burleigh County Sheriff's Office have increased patrols due to the

increase in grafitti, but the Bismarck Parks and Rec are unable to clean the tunnel presently.


Walter “Yoshi” Plenty Chief had asked permission to paint over the graffiti and requested paint and rollers to help

in his endeavor. UTTC Maintenance provided the paint and supplies. Mr. Plenty Chief painted over the graffiti on

Friday, May 6, 2016.



Thank you Yoshi! The fact that you stepped up and cleaned the graffiti is pretty incredible and says a lot about our

students here on campus.


UTTC Security and the Burleigh County SO will continue to patrol the tunnel, but if anyone should witness or have

information on the person or persons responsible for any graffiti in the tunnel, you can text a tip anonymously to

50911. Any tip is helpful, thank you in advance.