Once you've applied to attend college at UTTC as an online student, you may be wondering what the next step is. The following steps outline the admissions process and what you can expect after applying.


Fill Out Your Application

The first thing to do is complete an application online and the required Admission Requirements.


Wait for Admissions to Contact You

After your application is submitted, the Admissions Office will contact you by phone confirming the degree you selected is available and notify you of any outstanding application documents needed.


Receive Acknowledgement Letter

The Admissions Office will also mail you an acknowledgement letter, identifying any missing requirements.


Application Review

When all of the application documents have been received from you, your application will be sent for review and acceptance into your desired degree program.


Letter of Acceptance

After your application is approved by review; you will receive a letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office. This letter will include:

  • Your login information and password for accessing your UTTC account (found at my.uttc.edu) and,
  • The name and contact information of the Director of Extended Learning. 


Receive Information

Once you are accepted, the Admissions office will send your information to:

  • The Registrar’s Office: Sets up your degree tree.
  • The Office of Extended Learning: Verifies your contact information and works with your academic advisor.
  • Academic Advisor: Registers you for your online courses.



Contact The Director of Extended Learning

When you receive your letter of acceptance, contact the Director of Extended Learning (contact information is on your letter of acceptance) who will:

  • Initiate your UTTC Student email with the Information Technology Department.
  • Verify your username and password for my.uttc.edu.
  • Connect you with your Academic Advisor.


Contact Your Advisor

Your academic advisor will:

  • Review your Is Online Learning for Me survey results,
  • Discuss your degree plan,
  • Review official transcripts from other colleges you may have attended,
  • Verify your contact information (alternate email, physical address – note that textbooks cannot be delivered to PO boxes),
  • Connect you to UTTC Bookstore personnel through an email, that will include your:
    • Course Schedule
    • Physical Address
    • Your Email


Purchase Your Books

Your academic advisor will initiate your contact with the UTTC Bookstore.  You will be responsible for communicating with Bookstore personnel to if you wish to use your financial aid to pay for your books.

The list for course textbooks can be found at http://uttc.edu/bookstore

The Bookstore can be reached at (701) 221-1459. Textbooks cannot be sent to PO boxes, please have an alternative mailing address available. If you have questions, feel free to contact your academic advisor and you will be assisted in this process.


Log Into Your Account

Once you have registered for classes, you can log into your account at my.uttc.edu, print a class schedule, access your online classes, and view your financial aid information.


Find Your Resources

Use my.uttc.edu as a source of information. This is where you will:

  • Access your courses (on the left hand side, under "My Courses")
  • Contact the Help Desk if you are having technical issues, or have questions about how to navigate this site,
  • Locate information about your financial aid, campus announcements, grades, etc.

Help Desk personnel can be emailed at onlinetech@uttc.edu or by phone at 701-426-4650.


Keep In Contact

Keep in close contact with your academic advisor. Your advisor should always have your most recent contact information (i.e. email address and cell phone number) and will assist you with making your experience as an online learner at UTTC a success.