Register online only when you have reviewed the information links below. Understanding the impact of credit loads, holds, grades, and special permissions could save you time and money.

Repeating a course
Key points when considering repeating a course

Credit load
13-credit rule, maximum semester credit load, minimum credits for full and half-time status

First Day of Class Attendance Policy
Instructor's approval required for intended absence, right to deny admission

Hold resolution
Hold types, consequences, removal from records

Grade basis
Grading options for varying needs

Extra credit & independent study
Extra credit and independent study sections in regular courses, CLA college approval

Closed classes
Waitlists, permission numbers, procedures for getting into closed classes

Auditing courses
Options for class auditors
Dual-career registration
Eligibility, tuition, fees, billing, and financial aid for dual-career students

Maintaining active status for graduate & professional students
Students not registered every fall and spring term are considered to have withdrawn; their student records are deactivated.

Graduate & professional student enrollment FAQ
Answers to enrollment and registration questions

Special registration categories for graduate & professional students
Eligibility requirements, restrictions, and how to register