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Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center

Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center

The Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center is named after one of the college's founders. Goodhouse was chairman of the Devils Lake Sioux Tribe, Fort Totten, North Dakota (presently the Spirit Lake Nation) from 1957 to 1972. He was responsible for changing the tribe's name from "Fort Totten Tribe," to "Devils Lake Sioux Tribe."

As one of the original signers of the charter that created United Tribes of North Dakota, he helped organize United Tribes Educational Technical Center (UTETC), as the college was known then.

The Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center houses UTTC's community wellness services. UTTC has made a major commitment to the health and wellness of our students, staff and visitors within the campus community. Our wellness center believes in a holistic approach, blending cultural practices with the best in health and medical care.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm to include noon hour coverage.

After hour emergency on call services for Academic & Personal Counseling, Chemical Health, Domestic Violence Advocate, and Student Health are available by contacting the UTTC security office at ext. 1200 or 1300.

Associate Vice President of Community Wellness

Marsha Azure
Email: mazure@uttc.edu
Office: Wellness
Phone: Ext. 1328