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The Student Health Center provides comprehensive medical care to Native American students and/or their dependents. Students are referred to medical facilities within the Bismarck/Mandan communities or to the nearest Indian Health Services which is located at Fort Yates Public Health Service, Fort Yates, ND.


Confidentiality Statement: Students have the right to expect that all aspects of care will be treated as confidential. Information is not shared with those not participating in the student's care. In the broadest sense, the health care team includes nurses, doctors, therapists and Associate Vice President(s) and Vice President(s). However, access to student health records is limited to the Student Health Center staff and no one outside the Student Health Center may be given information without the consent of the individual involved. The one exception is in the case of threat to life, when information will be shared with the Associate Vice President(s) and Vice President(s) and person listed as emergency contact. Health care records are confidential and maintained in locked file cabinets separate from other files. Prior to the release or transfer of records to the student or any person, party or agency outside the Student Health Center, the Student Health Center must have in it's possession a written release of information statement from the patient or patient's legal representative directing the release of this information.

Student Health Center

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