2014 UTTC REU participants enjoying Audubon National Wildlife Refuge

The Tribal College REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Program provides 8 students each summer with the opportunity to conduct environmental ecology research critical to Tribal lands in the Plains, Prairies, and Grasslands of the United States.  

Research projects will be conducted under the guidance of mentors from United Tribes Technical College (Bismarck, ND), Ft. Berthold Community College (New Town, ND), Sitting Bull College (Ft. Yates, ND), Oglala Lakota College (Kyle, SD), Augustana College (Sioux Falls, SD), University of New Hampshire, and North Dakota State University (Fargo, ND). 

A Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program provides four K-12 science teachers from tribal school systems with summer research expereinces.  The program has run since 2009.  The current award ends in 2015. 

Students are encouraged to present at regional and national conferences and to publish their result in scientific journals. The program increases the recruitment, retention, and completion of Native American students in science, while providing a solid foundation for these students to be successful in graduate programs beyond the tribal colleges. 

Ethnobotany by firelight with REU/RET mentor, Linda Black Elk

The REU and RET teams work together with a shared orientation week, a midpoint camping trip, and final presentations to encourage networking among the participants. 

Mentors for the program include experienced Tribal College faculty members and researchers from major universities.  Collaborative research between the mentors and agency and university researchers is common and interactions with potential employers is a typical part of the experience.  

This program is funding by the National Science Foundation's BIO REU program (#DBI-1263200) 

Applications for both programs can be found below or by contacting Dr. Jeremy Guinn at jguinn@uttc.edu or 701-255-3285 ext.1458


Dr. Daniel Howard (UNH) discusses burying beetle biology during midpoint camping trip

Students will be involved in research focusing on restoration ecology, insect behavior and ecological impacts, integrated bison prairie management, effects of oil development of natural resources, conservation biology, and geospatial applications to ecological research.

Students are recruited from across the Northern Plains and beyond, with a focus on tribal college students, and are selected based on expressed interest, demonstrated skills in the classroom, and dedication to science careers.

Students will conduct individual research projects while becoming part of a summer research team and will receive training in research ethics, project design, field techniques, advanced laboratory technology, and analysis and presentation of data. 

The program culminates with a Summer Research Symposium, held at one of the participating institutions.  Support during the 10 week program comes in the form of a generous stipend and travel expenses.     




REU/RET participants and mentors present at the National Science Foundation headquarters

Science and Math teachers (preference for grades 6-12) are recruited from reservation school systems and will conduct field and lab work alongside the REU participants for a 6 week summer program.

Teachers will develop curriculum modules based on their research experiences with the REU program for their own classrooms.  Activities are developed based on the teacher's courses, the research project(s), cultural interests of the community, all meeting the educational standards of the individual school system. 

Modules are packaged in a binder that will be shared with the group during the Summer Research Symposium and also disseminated to the broader educational network in the school systems.  Exposure to college science research and student-led research provides a unique opportunity to better understand the scientific method and additional resources for the classroom.  Teachers receive a generous stipend to compensate their time in the program.